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Relentless Faith

FROM £30

12 part christian course includes 6 teaching videos that are a part of the Relentless Faith series plus 6 BONUS videos that take each teaching and show how to apply to our own lives.

Next Level Prayer and Intercession


Learn to go deeper, farther and higher than ever before and connect with God in new ways. Prayer will never be the same again. English/German.

The King of Glory


Experience the the realm of Glory! Join us as we take a deep dive into Psalm 24 with it’s famous scripture verses about the King of Glory. 

Authentic Relationship with God


Learn how to increase your awareness of God in your day to day life, about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to hear God’s voice and much more

Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life


This E-book’s profound and hair-raising stories of listening to God invite the reader to join Franklyn on an adventure of faith, love, and power to heal

The Difference Between Your Thoughts and God's Voice


8 top biblically based keys to distinguishing the difference between God’s Voice and your own thoughts.

Breakthrough to Hearing God's Voice

$14.40 X 4 PAYMENTS

How you can hear God’s voice too, identify and overcome your barriers, and proven techniques for hearing from God.

Breakthrough to Hearing God's Voice


COACHING VERSION – For those who are serious about hearing God’s voice as a regular and active part of their life and want one on one mentoring.

New Identity in Christ Free Download


New Identity in Christ prayer declarations to speak over yourself during your prayer time to supercharge your faith!

connecting with Jesus


Join us on this deep and insightful study on what it means to have a relationship with Jesus today. Guest speaker Akinola Smith from the Witney House of Prayer (UK)

Maximize Your Gratitude


This course will teach you how to increase your gratitude level with simple techniques that over time rewire your mind to improve your outlook on life