Breakthrough to a Supernatural LIFE

Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

In this book Franklyn shares how you can unlock God’s voice in own life and step into a deeper more personal walk with Jesus Christ. Through sharing many personal and often funny stories from his own life you will learn how to step into your own individual relationship with God. Not only will you get to read about many of the incredible miracles and encounters he has had with God but learn about the backstory and what led up to these incredible events and the lessons he had to learn along the way. The final section is workbook where there are questions and activities that we have used to great success in developing our own relationship with God.

Reviews and Testimonials


The whole book is awesome on so many levels
ByAmazon Customer
on June 13, 2017
Format: Paperback
The whole book is awesome on so many levels. It confirms what God has been revealing to me over the last year, and in particularly, it has opened my perspective on the grand relationship we can have with God, the father and his Son, Jesus Christ.

There are so many golden nuggets in this book. To paraphrase just a few, the boundaries that we place on ourselves are removed and just like the Scripture demonstrated in the Old Testament, and New Testament for that matter, God will speak to us in the manner in which he uniquely
designed each of us. We are original designs destined for a relationship with God. Thus Christianity is the roadmap that provides the bridge of reconciliation back to God the Father and his Son through the Holy Spirit. Intimacy at its highest level!

This book was beautifully written and timely for a world that desperately needs to hear from God.

Simply Gold
on May 22, 2017
Format: Paperback
Clearly inspired by God, this book is simply gold. It is one of the most practical books I have read on how to have a personal relationship with the living God. It is easy to read and humbly written.

My nearly 30 years of learning to walk with God myself, and know when He speaks, has had a deep impact on my life. But this book is helping me to break into new ground of intimacy with Him. Not surprised by negative reviews, when true light comes into the world, there will always be those who quickly try to cover it up and snuff it out.

Thank you Franklyn for sharing your journey with us, and thank you Lord for helping us to know a little bit more of who you are.
Humble vivid and refreshing
on July 15, 2017
Format: Paperback
Franklin's testimony shows with humility, a vivid and refreshing tone, that God is not limited in his action through the Holy Spirit “here, down on the earth”. This book is an invitation to broaden and go deeper in your relationship with Jesus. The practical chapter at the end will give you great hints how to start.
Where the natural ends and the supernatural begins
ByAmazon Kunde
on June 3, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is and has been a revelation to me. To everyone who's been taught that God is predictable and only intercedes with your life during the time at church or christian camp this will be an eye-opener. God is very much a living God with whom doing life is the greatest adventure you'll ever embark on.

Franklyn takes us on his personal journey from which we all can learn more about the character of God. With his humorous style Franklyn catches the readers attention and takes him from awe-inspiring stories of direct encounter with God, to funny passages in which he doesn't take himself too seriously. It makes for a light read while the content itself isn't light at all.

The realm of the supernatural and healing is one that often produces a lot of uneasiness. This book is a good step towards grasping the enormous authority and power that God has invested into us through the Holy Spirit. If you want to walk in the newness of life and do so abundantly, as Jesus said, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book as a step towards building faith for the supernatural life.

In the last part the book contains a section with questions and practical applications on how to enter into this supernatural life. They are very straightforward and allow a lot of good communication with God.

I want to close with a command of Jesus to his disciples:
"So they (the disciples) left and went from village to village, spreading the good news and healing diseases everywhere." (Luke 9:6 ISV)
Let's get a hold of spreading the good news and healing those diseases by diving deeper into the supernatural life.
Relationship 24/7
ByJulia Wilson
on 1 June 2017
Format: Paperback
Breakthrough To A Supernatural Life by Franklyn M Spence is a marvellous book. It is the true encounter of Franklyn Spence with God and all that he has learned. There are also some practical suggestions for steps for the reader to use to help to hear God's voice. "When you hear His voice, your life will never be the same."
Franklyn Spence grew up in a traditional church of Sunday Christians and where the gifts of the Spirit were unheard of. Jesus was safe and boring. A supernatural encounter with God, aged just sixteen, meant Franklyn Spence's life was forever changed.
Franklyn M Spence speaks with honesty about his struggles to process the encounter, his doubts and finally his obedience. The reader cannot but help identify with his struggles - who of us have not questioned if the voice we hear is God's? Or ours?
Life is a spiritual battle and we would do well to remember that, as competing voices call to us? We need to test what we hear. If it does not line up Biblically, then it is not God.
The God of the Bible is alive today. As He worked in the past, so He works in the present and He will work in the future.
Franklyn M Spence shows that our identity is not in our doing. Our identity is in our being - who we are in Jesus.
We must all choose whether to have faith or follow our fears. If we have faith, there is no room for fear. We have been set free. We need to live free. Faith will turn our 'I believe' into 'I know.' (p.63) We can all truly know Jesus. The choice is ours.
When God calls us, we will stretch our faith muscle if we obey. He wants to move us out of our comfort zone. "The pew isn't the test. It's when you're in the trenches that you find out what you're made of." Say 'yes' to God, be obedient and see how your life alters. We were all created to be in a relationship with God.
The final section of the book is designed to help the reader in their walk with God. Franklyn Spence 'talks' the reader through how to hear from God and blockages to hearing from God. It's really helpful.
Breakthrough To A Supernatural Life is a brilliant book. It is fabulous to give to new Christians to help teach them how to grow closer to God. It is marvellous for older Christians to encourage them. The book reinforces relationships with God as the reader identifies elements of Franklyn Spence's story in their lives.
A really wonderful book that needs to be on the bookshelf of every Christian. It is a book to return to again and again... to be read for encouragement whenever life knocks you down and you begin to doubt. And I leave you with:
"When God shows you who He is, you cannot go away unchanged."
I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

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