A bit about
Forerunner Ministeries and
Franklyn Spence

Forerunner Ministries is lead by Rev. Franklyn Spence. He is an ordained minister with Eagle Worldwide Ministries, a Canadian protestant, prophetic and apostolic church denomination.

Franklyn is based out of Basel Switzerland where they have lived for 11 years. Franklyn is the author of the book Breakthrough to a Supernatural Life, Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.

He has planted and pastored two house churches, one in Canada near Montreal, and one in Switzerland. He was an inner city missionary working with homeless street youth in Toronto Canada and is a popular conference speaker.

He is married for 24 years to his beautiful wife Amy and they have 2 wonderful teenage daughters Claire and Alice.

a person who goes or is sent in advance to announce the coming of someone or something that follows - Dictionary.com

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