Franklyn's new book

This book will inspire you to dive into a deeper and more meaningful relationship where God is closer than you could ever imagine. Be inspired to take your own relationship with God to a higher level.

  • Discover how to hear from God for the first time
  • Learn how to step out of your comfort zone
  • Hear about first hand stories of miracles and healings
  • Includes a workbook section with practical suggestions on how you can hear from God for yourself or in a small group setting
  • Paperback 152 pages or kindle edition

Simply Gold

"Clearly inspired by God, this book is simply gold. It is one of the most practical books I have read on how to have a personal relationship with the living God."

Relationship 24/7

"A really wonderful book that needs to be on the bookshelf of every Christian. It is a book to return to again and again... to be read for encouragement whenever life knocks you down and you begin to doubt." 

Where the natural ends and the supernatural begins

"This book is and has been a revelation to me. To everyone who's been taught that God is predictable and only intercedes with your life during the time at church or christian camp this will be an eye-opener. God is very much a living God with whom doing life is the greatest adventure you'll ever embark on..."

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The Negativity Fast - Free video course to address the roots of negative thinking

Think Better Thoughts!

  • A 40 day journey centred on addressing the roots of negative thinking
  • 40 Daily videos that you can watch and participate with on your own
  • Get set free from negative thinking and draw closer to God 

About Franklyn Spence

Franklyn Spence’s ordinary sixteen-year-old existence was interrupted by an extraordinary encounter with Jesus.  Franklyn was faced with the living God: someone that the boring, predictable church of his childhood had done nothing to prepare him to meet.

His profound and sometimes hair-raising stories of listening to God invite you to join with Franklyn on an adventure of faith, love and the power to heal.  Above all God’s longing to simply BE with us in a loving relationship.

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